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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I Pay?

A. We can securely take payments through paypal. We take most debit or credit cards through our Shopify Shopping Cart System.


Q. Can I visit your shop?

A. ManKnit is an online business - We do not currently have a bricks and mortar shop. We work from a home office and our stock is stored in a local warehouse. If you wish to visit to see our products, please contact me to arrange a meeting, there are local facilities I can book to show our products. Sample yarn books will soon be available to purchase so you can see both the quality and match any colour requirements to your projects.


Q. How do I wash a 100% Wool garment?

A. Cool hand wash with delicate wool fat soap or pure olive soap.
Wash in cool water and rinse in the same temperature water to avoid temperature shocking the wool.
Do not rub the garment, this will cause it to felt.
Do not wring out access water, gently press the water out on a flat surface.
Leave to dry flat, pulling the garment to shape whilst wet.

Q. How do I wash a ManKnit Plant Dyed Wool garment?

A. Washing is very similar than a normal 100% wool garment, however colours may bleed slightly. When they are initially dyed we use only pure olive soap and rinse in clean water. Some plant colours may still bleed slightly so it is suggested to wash separately.


Q. Will my ManKnit Plant Dyed Wool garment fade?

A. Plant dyes do naturally fade with time, some more than others. The yarns have been mordanted so colours are more vibrant and should last longer, especially if cared for correctly. The Colours have also been fixed with salt water as an extra precaution to fade by washing, however sunlight can also have a fading effect. Keep your plant dyed garments in a dark place to avoid colour fade from sunlight.



Q. My plant dyed yarn is dyeing my hands - Is there a problem with my yarn?

A. Dyes can react to oils in the skin, causing dye transfer, usually when worn as a garment this shouldn't be a problem. However If you continue to have problems with dye transfer, we suggest to give your finished garment a wash before use in olive soap or wool fat soap to release any excess dye.



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